Typically, mock tests are the final stage of GMAT prep. This is where all of the past study and practice is meant to coalesce, into real GMAT expertise. Considering the importance of this stage, you should make sure to take up tests that can provide you with the real GMAT experience and help you improve your performance. This should be a major factor, in choosing your GMAT prep program. 

There are a number of factors that you must take into account, when choosing your test series. The tests must be suitably challenging, so that you can truly test yourself. Furthermore, they must be representative of the GMAT, itself. It would also be best if they had analytics that could help you understand your progress. Scoring is a very key factor that you must take a very close look at, the reliability of most GMAT mock series’ scoring system, tend to be low. 

It is Experts’ Global’s GMAT practice tests, that score the best, in these fields. 

Number of Tests

Experts’ Global has developed more practice tests than any other GMAT prep firm. At a full 15 tests, their series contains more than twice as many tests as any other. They have done so, so that their students can take regular mock tests, throughout their prep and develop the stamina needed to give a highly complicated three-and-a-half-hour-long exam. 

Quality of Questions

Experts’ Global’s mock tests are extremely in sync with the GMAT, in terms of question quality. The questions match the real GMAT’s, perfectly, in complexity, scope of testing, content tested and all other factors. Experts’ Global has also taken great care to develop a testing screen that is very GMAT-like. It has the same full-screen environment, the same controls, and even graphics that make it look quite a bit like the GMAT. Working on this screen, helps provide the students with a sense of mental readiness. You can take a free GMAT practice test on Experts’ Global’s website. 

Representative Scoring

As the GMAT scoring algorithm is not publicly known, not many mock series are able to accurately match it. Experts’ Global’s is the exception. They have managed to put together a system that is extremely close to the real thing. This can be seen in the congruence between their students’ late stage mock test scores and final GMAT scores. This is a very big point, in favor of this test series, as providing a crucial assessment of one’s readiness for the GMAT, is the primary purpose of a mock test. 

Robust Analytics

Experts’ Global’s mocks have a very thorough analysis system, one that provides a very detailed breakdown of one’s performance, on each mock. It is a great help in understanding one’s speed and accuracy, both overall and in each specific section. 

Self-Study Resources

There is a certain self-study aspect to this test series that is quite effective. Each mock test question has a detailed explanation video. Not only do these videos ensure that the students are able to understand any question that they could not answer on their own, but they also provide solutions that are often more efficient than the student’s own. Experts’ Global also provides their students with a set of 10 e-books that cover all GMAT sentence correction concepts, in the most detailed way. By carefully going through these e-books a student can guarantee a marked improvement in their sentence correction performance. 

Experts’ Global’s mock tests are the best GMAT mock tests, you could hope to find. They are excellent representation of the GMAT and have both in-depth instructional material and analytics. Besides these, there are even a number of small features, such a “flag button” that lets you mark the interesting and important questions that you want to get back to, that make studying with these tests, very smooth. 


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